Clearanail Treatments

Safe & Painless

Clearanail treatment is a breakthrough in the treatment of fungal nails. It’s a quick and simple procedure to a complex problem.

I use an advanced process which allows access to the areas of infection without destroying the nail. The device is computer controlled and is completely safe, painless and quick.


It produces micro holes through the nail without touching the skin beneath. The holes allow the topical solution to reach the infection and are just 0.4mm in diameter.

NO INJURY - No injury to soft tissue, only the nail is penetrated

QUICK & SIMPLE - A quick and simple procedure to a complex problem

MINIMAL DISCOMFORT - Minimal discomfort when receiving treatment

NO HARM TO SKIN - The treatment does not harm the skin


“It is with great pleasure that my husband and I can say how much we appreciate our foot treatment and care from Nikki"